Experiencia Viajeros


Daniel Masjuan (RCTM, Spain) – Volunteering at an orphanage in Bamba, Kenya!


The first question you have in your mind when you decide to go cooperating is: only two weeks, with the material I bring, the money I want to give, the ideas I’ve gathered to help them; will these 2 weeks be enough?  The only question Elvis from Kabarnet has: Will I be able to hug Daniel as much as I want?

Everyone asks me what I had to do in Bamba.  My answer always is the same: You only have to be there.  It’s no secret, the most important thing you can offer children is hugs and love, and more love.  Play with them, teach them your values, laughing, immerse yourself in the “world Bamba”.  Ask them about their life, their future, their concerns.  But above all you have to hug them.


The agenda day in Bamba it’s easy:

  • Every time you see a Bamba child, you will receive a hug.  And not a greeting hug or an embrace of a friendship; you will receive a long and warm hug.  The calculation is easy.  If you see each of them three times a day, you will invest one hour and a half every day just to embrace.
  • Making healthy exercises are common.  The kids have learned among other things how to climb on your back.  You won’t be able to understand why in 30 seconds Elvis is hanging on your neck, Evans on your leg and Christine doing tickling in your belly and giving kisses at once.
  • Tickling is a fast and easy way for you to get a few laughs.  Usually in Bamba the smile is the most abundant thing.
  • As the sun sets at 19:00, the Devotion Time starts with the lovely voices of the children.  Every day, they thank to be lucky and be part of the great Bamba family.  Singing and also reflecting on good and bad. Even today after one month, I smile every time I hear their songs and voices in my head.
  • Nights are the best moment to be with the adults.  You will share moments, stories, ideas, proposals and decisions with Rutto and Christine in their living room.  They are the couple managing the orphanage.  Christine is an excellent cook and Rutto a happy endearing.  You can notice the whole gratitude in each of their acts.  I loved the”Ugali”…….
  • Some mornings when all the kids are at school, it’s the moment to exercise the mind with Neema group.  This side project provides an opportunity to women at risk of social exclusion to move on with their life.  They can’t wait to work hard, to gain some money and to bring food to their not less than 6 children.
  • Of course they also know you are on “Holiday” and want to visit their country!  One of the jobs of the Neema women is to accompany you to visit the natural beauty of the area and end up eating in their houses of mud and straw.  You’ll live the local life first-hand.  You’ll be able to imagine the meaning to be from Kabarnet.

I could continue explaining but the experiences are usually personal and everyone lives their own one.  So I prefer to refer to what I always say to everyone.  All you have to do in Bamba, is to be in Bamba.

You’ll find attached the project page if you want more information. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions. http://www.bambaproject.org/