Bamba Boxes

Our Bamba Boxes are one of the best ways to collaborate with us since for a small amount, you will help us develop education, food and construction projects in Kenya. You have 3 different models with 3 price alternatives for you to choose the one that seems most interesting to you.

The Bamba Boxes are a perfect option to have a detail with a person or why not, to have a detail with yourself.


Collaborate with our ONE THOUSAND TREES project while reducing unnecessary plastics and cardboard.

With each cup you are planting 15 trees!

Neema Products

They are the best way to collaborate by buying products made by hand by our NEEMA women.

Also available as a corporate gift or for event guests.

Bamba Wine

The bodegas Oliver Moragues (Algaida, Mallorca) in collaboration with Bamba Project have produced two wines whose profits will go to finance different projects.