Ongoing projects


Below we present our latest projects, all carried out thanks to donations from individuals from € 2. It has been an immense learning to have done them completely voluntarily (no one in our team receives remuneration for their work in the NGO) and with all the enthusiasm on the part of the Bamba team and our collaborators.

Thanks to all sponsors for doing so.

Ampliación de la escuela infantil

Community project: scholarship program

 We currently have a 90 children in our program  and we provide monthly with the necessary to follow their education in order  to be self-sufficient and can depend on themselves.

Scholarships range from elementary school up to University.

Construction of the BAMBA SPORTS ACADEMY

Taking advantage of our privileged location, in the mountains of the Keyio Valley (Kenya) and at an altitude of more than 1,800m, we are planning the construction of a sports center in which all kinds of sports-related programs will be developed for the BAMBA community.

We currently have our own football academy and are competing in the league at the regional level.

If you want to participate and help us build the BAMBA SPORTS ACADEMY, be attentive to all our campaigns.

100% of the profits will go to the construction of the center.

Stay tuned to our RRSS!

Objetivo 25%
Objetivo 40%

Kapkowon School Project

“One meal a day” program at the Kapkokwon school and in collaboration with KIANGO ONG: we offer one meal a day at the Kapkokwon public school (3km from Bamba) bringing kilos of rice, beans and corn monthly to ensure food for the children. 300 boys and girls from school.

“After School” program once a week, in which the boys and girls of this school participate in educational and sports activities carried out by our travelers.

“Teach the Teacher” program, training teachers in topics related to Technology and Information Technology.

Maintenance Program: tasks to improve the school’s infrastructures.

One Thousand Trees Project

At Bamba we believe in defending the environment. We believe that every action, no matter how small, counts. Trees are life.

That is why, for years, we have allocated 100% of the profits from our BAMBA t-shirts to planting trees.

Three times a year we will promote the action “One thousand trees” through which we will plant 1000 trees in the Kerio Valley (northwestern Kenya).

Objective: Plant 3,000 trees per year.

From September 2019:

With the collaboration of the Kaptimbor Schools, the Kabarnet chief department, Ketindui Primary school, Kapkowon School we have achieved our goal.

How can I help?

Planting your tree in Kenya, for only € 12 get your BAMBA t-shirt.

Available Online and at Cerería Candela (Mallorca)

Objetivo 33%

Ketindui Primary School Project

In collaboration with Kasinde  we offer help in the form of school supplies and meals to a small primary school 5km from Bamba.

Maintenance Program: tasks to improve the infrastructures of the school thanks to the collaboration of our travelers and visitors.


From our facilities in Kabarnet and thanks to this collaboration with Ayúdame 3d, we will implement protheses made with 3D printers to people in need both from Kenya.
We will become a platform of help for all East Africa.

It is a very ambitious project, which will surely transform many lives and will also be an extremely interesting training for both Spanish and Kenyan engineering students who want to expand their knowledge and open horizons to our entire BAMBA community.

And thus sow a seed in future students so that new technologies promote social value.

Objetivo 0%

Women’s project: NEEMA

NEEMA is a labor emancipation project that supports women at risk. BAMBA provides initial financial support to ensure that self-managed economic activities are generated by the women of the area themselves.

Currently the group consists of 15 women and all of them carry out different activities in order to create products for their subsequent local, national and international sale.

Objetivo 50%

Oliver Moragues: The Greyhound/ el galgo

Wine is art in itself. His spirit inspires us and brings us closer to pleasure from a volatile and imperishable subjectivity. It is eternal and immortal, like the most human values ​​that emerge from altruistic experiences. It is a hymn to the value of the deep and immaterial that sings with hope its song of respect for the Earth from which fruits can be obtained that allow us to wander.