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We love challenges, the adventure.

Through the development of all kind of projects and creative initiatives with a young, open and dynamic imprint , our association  provides resources to a small community in the Rift Valley (Kabarnet. Northwest Kenya).

Our main challenge is to continue with enthusiasm this journey  where the two parties achieve balance. One, providing resources, academic  & work opportunities for the future and the other, dives into an humanize perspective throughout authentic life experiences and knowledge, expanding the meaning of life from the essentials.

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Be a sponsor?

BAMBA pays school fees directly and without intermediaries at the schools  and helps to provide books, uniforms and school supplies.

Next trip

Through different routes all of them framed in the Rift Valley, the traveler can combine his activities in BAMBA with other trekking activities and excursions within the national parks.

Want to get a Gift box?

The Bamba Boxes allow you to collaborate donating food, education or  other  projects.

There are three different boxes  you can choose !

Where does the money go?

In Bamba everything is transparent. Here you can see where the money we receive and all invest has gone. From the first to the last euro.

And if you still want to know more, get back to us.

Bamba Boxes


Our Bamba Boxes are one of the best ways to collaborate with us since for a small amount, you will help us develop education, food and construction projects in Kenya.

Choose your Bamba Box, and collaborate!

What are we doing now?


Proyecto en marcha: Ampliación de la escuela infantil

New Bamba Home

Perhaps the Bamba Home is  our most important project. Helping women, families and children to go ahead in society is essential, providing them education to be self-sufficient and depend on themselves is our main vision.

Bricks placed in the school
Objetivo 85%

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