Bamba’s journey


Travel is usually associated with the mere geographical movement of people through space, which is why we tend to associate it with a purely physical conception. However, we know that the true meaning of that word goes far beyond the simple migratory flow of people across the globe, but ignites an infinite world of expectations and desires directly from the psychological field. We are capable of traveling through time, rescuing confused photographs of events and smells from the past, just as we know how to project ourselves forward by dressing in our projects, still naked, in the immediate future.

Without imagination the journey would be impossible. By giving life to our illusions, our mind makes us freer. This suggests alternatives to our static present in the form of blurred images. Images that just by evoking them fill us with pleasure. They satiate us and barely satiated, they reappear, filling us with desire again. The journey is born and dies in our mind..

But why, after so much thirst for search, is it so difficult for us to materialize our illusions? Why, even feeling that desire to travel, do we remain immobile, almost paralyzed? Perhaps one of the reasons is the fact that through those dreams we wander with our pockets full of will, hope and confidence in the possibility of changing reality and that when we wake up, our mind, far from freeing us, imprisons us between immobile walls. condemning us to one of the slowest, most subtle and devastating diseases, the fear of failure. The fear of failure is a type of paralysis that in the short term is camouflaged in inertia, it is terrified of change and that in the long term, it produces deep personal dissatisfaction and makes learning impossible.

Perhaps we would need hundreds of books to find an effective remedy for that fear, or perhaps just one trip.

From BAMBA we set out convinced that there is no greater failure than not fighting for our dreams to undertake that journey with an eye put on the unknown, and learning as the only objective with the faithful hope of being able to make the dreams of the youth and women come true.


Mission, Vision, Values

Bamba Project

Valores Bamba Project: Misión


Eradicate poverty and injustice in the most disadvantaged areas of the African continent, specifically in the Rift Valley area (Kabarnet), from where we promote initiatives to improve the quality of life through development and cooperation projects.


Bamba Project works every day to ensure that this initiative is known by the largest number of people who share our same values and concerns to improve the quality of life of children and women at risk of the Kabarnet town through education.

Valores Bamba Project: Visión
Values Bamba Project


Education as an engine of social change.